Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beautiful Ali

Ali has been so fun and easy going. Pieceful is the one adjetive I would use to describe her. She is on a great schedule and we are all getting well adjusted. Josh supplements her late night feeding at around midnight so I only get up for her middle of the night feeding between four and five. That has been such a blessing to me. If I get that good streatch of sleep I can function quite well.

I caught a few pictures of Ali in her Easter Dress on Sunday. (I have got to get some of Cara too. Her dress is awesome but she changes out of it too fast after church.)

Did I say that we are ALL well adjusted, well, Andy may have his moments that he thinks he should be the baby. He has never even had a binki. He doesn't even know how to use it. Really he is doing great with Ali.


Karlenn said...

What a little beauty Ali is. And she's looking nice and healthy. I love her dress. And I love that picture of Andy in Ali's bassinette. Hilarious.

Cathie said...

I LOVE these! Did you take the pictures of Ali?