Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Funny Kids

Of all of the kids Andy pauses every time Ali is in reach to give her a hug. He can’t get close enough to her. Yesterday he kept trying to bite her head. He really loves her! I think it is that he his only 18 months, but at this point he doesn’t seem jealous. When I am feeding her he just does his own thing except the occasional pause to “love her.”

This picture shows that it was "love at first sight."

My mom was with us last week helping while I recovered and got used to being the mother of four. She wrote my sister Connie, on a mission, and filled the letter with funny things that the kids did and said over the week. I guess I am accustom to their quirky ways so I hardly noticed. It was fun to have her point out a few things. I stole the following excerpts from the letter she wrote.

“Andy has shoes that he wears all the time now so he can walk outside. He walks like a robot, very slow and cautious, gets down to crawl over the elevator threshold, and if the sidewalk gets a little bumpy. When I let him out of the car to walk to the store he just heads out, doesn’t matter what direction, just going, doesn’t know his name or at least doesn’t respond. I think he is going the way of gravity actually.

“Cara loves her ‘siser’ and she is so proud to tell everyone her ‘siser’ is here. The first night Cara made a bed on the floor by Ali’s crib. She was up with Carrie at each feeding. Carrie was so excited to call Cara and tell her it was a girl. Cara nonchalantly replied something like, "My baby siser is here." She already knew it was a Sister. She was excited after the phone call. I was with her and she was ready to go see her siser.

“Caleb was holding the baby at he hospital for about two seconds when Cara yelled ‘He’s not taking turns!’

“Caleb has been telling me what keeps him busy. He is in two clubs a rock club and a deer club. In the Deer Club they make a plan: ‘we find the deer and sneak up on it, when it is under a tree, then we get our deer-whackers and wack’em until they are dead.’ I asked what they do after they kill them and he said ‘we eat um.’

“As for the Rock Club, he asked me if I thought Connie would let Mia [her dog] be in his rock club. I asked what he does in his club and why he would need her. He said he and Issac get all kinds of rocks. They need Mia to help find them, and then she is to dig them up. I caught him out on the tailgate of my truck, in his yard, with rocks lined up. (The back of the truck full of little girls.) I asked what he was doing, ‘I’m selling rocks grandma.’ He had all of his and Cara’s money outside, I guess for change. He told me, ‘We sell some and we give some away.’ He’s quite the businessman.

“I asked the kids to dance for me one night. Josh played the guitar while Andy bounced, hardly getting his feet off the floor. Caleb is a bit crazy of course, although he does have some sharp moves like a rap singer. Cara showed me some ballet moves. I asked her where she learned ballet, she said, ‘from my pajamas.’ She has ballerina PJ’s with dancers in different poses. She would study her PJ’s then show me the move."


Cathie said...

I LOVE IT! Alice is absolutely PERFECT! I can't believe how tiny she is - it is a good perspective with Andy right next to her. The writings about the kids are precious. Cara's birthday looked SO fun! I am still laughing about Caleb and her combining there money to get whatever they want! :) TOO CUTE!

Karlenn said...

What an adorable grandma the kids have. It is so great that you were able to steal those exerpts for your blog. And how in the H are you finding time to blog? You are SUPERWOMAN!!

The Ravsten's said...

I love it all. Can't wait to meet that little girl. She'll practically be walking by June! I'm so glad that things appear to be going well with everyone. And Happy belated to Cara. Awesome. Best wishes.

Robyn said...

Carrie! You have the cutest kids! :) Tell Caleb hi for me! I check your blog all the time and love catching up on what ya'll are doing. Ali is beautiful! If you're ever in Milwaukee or Chicago, let me know, and we'll let you know if we make it back to Utah. :) Hugs to all!