Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cara turned 4!

What happened to my baby girl? She is growing up! She is still as sweet and good as ever. She is more emotional than she used to be, but I guess that comes with being a girl. Unfortunately her brother, Caleb, can talk her into almost anything. He talked her into combining her birthday money with his so they “can buy anything we want.” Of course he made it clear to me that it won’t be a girl toy. How do I teach her not to give in to his devious plans? On a year that her birthday could have been entirely missed (Ali was born exactly one week before Cara’s birthday and eight days after Caleb’s birthday) she had a great one.

On Saturday Grandma Iva and Aunt Merle took Caleb and Cara to Disney on Ice. They LOVED IT! I found a good deal on the tickets before Ali was born and we have been calling it her “birthday party.” I wanted her to have something to look forward to. (Grandma Iva made her the Happy Birthday crown.)

Grandma also made Cara a butter fly birthday cake. Cara put the candies on to decorate it.

It was a good thing that she only had one candle. She had a hard time blowing it out.

Last minute we decided to have a few friends join us at McDonalds for dinner. It was so fun the Korinne and Ellie and their families could come. It made Cara feel very special.

She also got some great birthday presents.

Including a girl bike. Last summer she rode Caleb’s boy bike. This summer she can get serous about the bike thing with her own.

Aunt April even got her some Barbie roller blades. Only time will tell if she is persistent and brave enough to learn how to use them before they get too small.


neil said...

I hope Carra can remember how old she is, She is a doll. LUV YA'

Karlenn said...

That is so funny - Caleb is a little stinker! I think I'm going to have to get Sadie a "girl bike" this summer for her birthday, too.