Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Power Ranger Birthday - Caleb's 6!

Caleb turned 6 on Sunday. He has been so excited for his birthday. I have forgotten what a huge deal birthdays are for kids and Caleb seems to always take things to the extreme. I would guess that he verbally invited over 100 people to his "Power Ranger Birthday Party" before he and I had even discussed if he was going to have a birthday party. I had a 7 year old girl at church tell me that Caleb told her that he could only invite boys to the party after he had already invited her. I told her that was true because he had too many friends he wanted to invite. We narrowed the list down to 10 boys half of which came. It ended up being way fun. I will put some of the ideas at the end of the entry just in case you want to copy. Of course the presents are always a highlight.

One thing that Caleb gets really excited about and wants to help plan every detail is the cake. This one doesn't look professional like the one that April did last year, but Caleb couldn't have been more happy with it. I let him put the figures on it so they are arranged a little less than perfect, but that could describe most things about the cake. The think that he really wanted for this cake was for us to use every Power Ranger color. That was something I could do.

The awesome thing is that to a 6 year old it was the best cake ever.

Caleb also loves to plan the invitations. Josh always goes the extra mile designing them even though I give him a time limit. Caleb just can't wait to get those things delivered.

On his birthday we were going to the Kirks to celebrate and we were playing a number guessing game. (The "how many minutes until we will be there" game.) Caleb guessed seven and said, "I pick seven because I am almost seven." His birthday wasn't even over and he is already counting down to next year.


Cathie said...

Oh that is cute! Happy Birthday Caleb! I love that he is "almost 7!" I got a kick out of a little girl that was over on Emi's birthday. She said, "That is sad that you have to wait a whole year until you have a birthday again!" It was mid day of her birthday!

Karlenn said...

Caleb is a crackup. He reminds me of Dylan so much. Dylan has been saying that he's "almost seven" for almost a year now. When people ask how old he is, I almost say, "Seven," then stop myself and realize that he's still only six! As long as the cake tastes good, that is all that matters. That's what I've decided.