Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Princess or Superhero?

I love this picture of Cara with her Joy School friends Jules, Abby, Korinne, and Cara. It appears as if they were having a hard time deciding if they wanted to be princesses or super heros when playing dress up.

Someday this picture of Cara in her "student nurse" scrubs may become a reality. She is a perfect little nurse right now. She is thoughtful, helpful, and tough as nails.

As a side note - Andy is FINALLY WALKING. I would guess he is on his feet 80% of the time. What a relief! He has been such a perfect baby for this pregnancy. He has been slow to make his milestone like walking and crawling which has made life easier for me and he is such a happy guy. He does have one bad habit, but just one, he loves the cup drawer. Lately he has taken to getting right on in.

Caleb celebrated his 100th day of school and made this cute hat. Caleb is such a funny guy.


Cathie said...

All cute! Andy looks too little to be a big brother soon!

Diane said...

I love the princess superheros!

Karlenn said...

I love the blonde hair sticking out of the superhero masks. So cute. And I'm so glad Andy's walking! That happened just in time for his little sister to come!