Sunday, July 10, 2016

My baby, I mean my big boy, turned 4!

Johnny is growing up!  I mostly love it.  Each new phase represents progression in our family and I consider that a very good thing! Johnny is the kind of kid that would like me to do everything for him.  I took advantage of his birthday to make some progress with his independence.  About a month ago I told him that he couldn’t have a birthday until he put on his own seat belt every single time.  He got to work and mastered that.  The day before his birthday I was wiping his bum and told him that moms don’t wipe the bums of 4 year olds so he is taking over that job too.  He is becoming independent, but he still loves his hugs and snuggles.  I’ll take those as long as I can get them.

We celebrated his birthday in style by going to SLC to spend time with some of Josh’s siblings.  What four-year-old wouldn’t want to go to Chuck E Cheese for their birthday?  April bought everyone suckers and they had a blast playing games.  We swam at a hotel and hung out with Christina (Josh's Sister) and her boys in the evening. 

I think Josh may have been more excited than Johnny about the airplane Josh picked out for him for his birthday.  Johnny was mostly excited about the candy.  My mom always spoils the kids and she gave him a set of cars in a semi truck case.  He is growing up . . . I guess I can’t call that extra 15 lbs baby weight any more!!

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