Sunday, July 10, 2016

Last day of school!!

The last day of school is one of the most fun days of the year around here.  Our neighbors, the Millers, throw a giant party that seems to grow every year.  This year they added the dunk tank and it was a huge hit.  They also have a loving kitten that Cara could have held all day.  Caleb is like a bowl in a china shop at big parties.  I keep thinking he is going to grow out of getting tattled on, but so far I continue to hear a lot of Caleb did this and Caleb did that. 

For me the end of school is bitter sweet.  I love the routine of school, but the flexibility of summer is nice too.  This year I'm letting go of the early bedtime.  My kids are awesome at sleeping in so we will just rotate to “summer schedule.”  They can easily sleep until 9 or 10 so I'll let them sleep in and go to bed around 10.  I've found that saves a lot of trouble and fighting at bedtime.  They still ask for a late night or a movie every single night.  Apparently 10ish isn't late enough for them! 

We have a good summer job program in place, and for the first week of summer they seem to have caught on and they are getting their things done.  I know it won't last, as we get more busy, but these first three weeks of summer are really open for us so for now we will stick with being responsible for at least a few hours of the day and for a few weeks of the summer.

Ali and Taya are enjoying the ultimate kids treat. Fruit Punch sucked through a licorice straw. 

After 10+ attempts at getting a good picture of Andy and his friends this is what we ended up with.


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