Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another School Year Complete!

It amazes me how much effort goes into the end of school with programs, field trips and special events. Luckily Johnny's Joy School kept things simple this year and ended with no fanfare.  Ali had a few end of school events.  First, she had her violin recital.  She is making good progress and seems to enjoy music.  I’ll just be glad she likes it for as long as it lasts.  She also had an adorable end of school program at school.  Her teacher, Miss Sharp, is probably my number one favorite teacher at Providence Elementary, and there are incredible teachers there.  Her classroom management is jaw dropping.  Her students love her so much and want to be so good for her. She is great at parent communication with texts and instagram.  She does a lot of rewards and praise, and the students seem to thrive in her class.  Of course her program was top notch.

First grade is so hard!!  Andy's teachers had them working right until the last few days of school.  It is especially hard transitioning into 1/2 day French, but Andy was a champ!  The first graders didn't have their own program, but they did participate in the school wide singing program.  He is on the far right 3rd row up in the picture, and was goofing off with his friends in every picture I took. Andy's soccer has kept us busy this spring.  He has loved playing with his friends and even participated in a tournament.  He is choosing to play tackle football in the fall, and some of his friends will be moving on to competitive soccer so this may be the end of Andy’s soccer career.  It was a good run!

I couldn’t believe all of the programs and events Cara had at the end of school! For the second year in a row her art was selected to be displayed at the district art show.  She loves to create things!!  Due to her iPad she was also able to "Rock the Halls" this year by getting enough reading points.  That was a big accomplishment for her.  The fourth grade put on an "opera" about the "Bear Lake Monster."  Cara was an Indian and had a lot of fun!  As if the Opera wasn't enough, the 4th grade also did a musical program about Utah.  They made county floats and sang their hearts out.  She also had her end of year orchestra concert and a few field trips.  She has been very busy!  The final event I'll mention is the Wellsville Mile.  Cara was a dedicated runner and made it in the middle of the middle heat.  She pushed herself hard and c0mpleted the race in under 8 minutes. 

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