Sunday, July 10, 2016

Craters of the Moon

For the three day Memorial weekend we thought we'd better take advantage of having the RV (we will be renting it out to other family's most of the summer) and go on a little camping/road trip.  I went to Craters of the Moon when I was in 4th Grade and I distinctly remember not having enough time there so I decided, with it being only 3 hours away, it would be a good destination.  It really was quite incredible.  With the most recent irruption being only 2000 years ago some of the lava looked so fresh.  One of the favorite things about the National Reserve was the lava tubes, where the lava had cooled and created caves.  It was a great place to spend a day.  We had anticipated camping there, but it was really windy and dusty so we ended up at a KOA with hook-up and grass in Arco.  I guess that is where I draw the line as a camper. April and Ethen joined us for the weekend. 

We made the most of our time away with a stop at Dawnata Hot Springs on the way there.  I love playing in warm water.  Cold swimming pools, no way, but if I feel like I'm in warm bath water I'm more than happy to join in the swimming. 

On our way home we stopped at the location of the very first atomic energy libratory and plant in the United States.  It is known for being the place where safe use of atomic power for energy was discovered. The science was way over my head, but the museum was fascinating.  Cara was incredibly good at controlling the electrical arm.  She put a whole puzzle together.  I dropped both pieces I tried to manipulate.  We enjoyed the stop.  

Our final stop of the three-day weekend was at Lava Hot Springs.  I went there for my 8th birthday and probably haven't been there for the last 30 years.  It has improved!!  The Olympic diving platforms are a hit, and Caleb had the courage to go off the 2nd one.  Once again, it was nice warm water so we were all happy.  They also have an incredible indoor splash pad that they younger kids loved. 

As a side note: Andy is rarely anywhere to be found.  He likes to lay low and just do his own thing.  He'd rather not be noticed.  He gets out of a lot of chores that way, but consequently he doesn't often make it in pictures.  Cara on the other hand is always asking me to take her picture so there may be a disproportionate number of pictures of Cara in these books although I do a lot of editing and make a conscious effort to make them as even as possible.

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