Wednesday, June 10, 2009

“What a Good Baby!!”

Andy brings a whole new level to being a good baby. I thought Caleb was good until I had Cara and I thought Cara was good until I had Andy. If I keep this pattern up I better keep having babies. Just for example, yesterday I was getting ready to leave instead of laying him down for a nap. I thought, “he can have a car nap.” I rushed through the living room to find him asleep on the floor. Too tired to play he just tipped over and went to sleep without a fuss.

Connie tended him last week and tried to give him the “bad boy” look, but even with a mow hawk he was the best baby around. Always happy, sleeps long and hard, gives the best smiles and hugs and requires so little attention.

He is a cute little bunny.


The Jensens said...

Lucky you, my 1st was hard and the my 2nd was soo... easy 3rd in between and 4th has been so........ hard. He has acid reflux and he has about put me over the edge. No more!!!

As for you, you better keep having babies, they are soo.. cute. Even better easy!~!!!

Karlenn said...

Dude, I'm so jealous. All of my babies and kids have been hard, hard, hard.