Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Group

The week after Joy School ended (the neighborhood preschool coop) we started Summer Group. It is basically the same kids as Joy School, but we can’t call it school sense it is summer. It has been heaven sent. The kids get together on Monday and Wednesdays from 10-1 with different host moms. They play, they eat lunch and they do some kind of craft or organized activity. There are two main great things about it for me. First, it motivates me to come up with enriching activities and crafts for the kids when I am in charge. You know, the things you want to do with your kids that you never get around to doing. Second, my kids have a great time doing activities and playing at other peoples houses providing me with a little brake a couple times a week.

A few weeks ago, for my turn, I had my brother Cody come and fly rockets with the kids. It was a hit. Cody also made straw darts with them and paper helicopters.

This week we made sculptures out of play dough on Monday and painted them today. I am really looking forward to next week. We are going to make Fathers Day gifts. They will be rock paperweights. The kids will find the rocks and paint them and I will letter “Dad Rocks” on them. On Wednesday we are going to make Fathers Day cards. I love summer group. I love having the kids, and I love that I only have them six times the entire summer. And I love having my kids go knowing they are doing something enriching. Of course the kids love it too. It is a win, win, win deal all around. I am a huge advocate of the kid coop thing!


Cathie said...

That is a win, win, win! How wonderful to have great friends around to do this with. Thank heavens for Cody! Andy is SUCH a good baby! So cute!

Diane said...

Great idea!

Karlenn said...

That is a fantastic idea. And your brother is a sweetheart to help out.