Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun

I have some random pictures I have taken over the past few weeks that illustrate some of the things my kids have been up to already this summer. There have been a few minor injuries. Cara tripped and gave herself quite the scab. She was outside playing and didn't even come in to tell me that she was hurt. I didn't even see a single tear. That may be the result of having Caleb as her older brother.

Caleb has gotten very good on two wheels and has even advanced to his "big" two wheel bike. This particular injury happened when he was riding a neighbors bike with miniature wheels. I saw the whole thing, and I am just glad that he walked out of it. I swear I felt the concrete move below my feet as he fell and rolled. You may also notice the remains of a bruise on his cheek. At the time that the picture was taken the bruise was over two weeks old. I never got a straight story out of him about what happened. I wonder if he even knows, but it sure looked bad.

Caleb and Cara have spend almost every sunny moment this summer playing in the circle with the neighbor kids. They have had a great time. I am grateful to the kids who are a few years older for being nice to the little ones. Last week the older kids created an insect museum and the younger ones provided assistance. (They even gave me a free tour. They waved the 2 cent fee, but they still charge Caleb 5 cents for some rocks they had made faces on with our markers which are still missing.) The week before the older kids performed a comedy show and the little ones were the audience. They even had tickets to go to the show. They play games and even coach the little ones. The older kids must have left the less responsible little kids to the sidewalk chalk. At least my little ones decided to chalk their faces. Caleb and Cara love playing outside with the neighbors, and I feel fortunate to live in such a family friendly neighborhood.

I have already blogged about how I love "Summer Group" but here is another example of the projects the kids are doing. On Wednesday they made these cute cars out of boxes and had a parade and then a drive in movie.

Andy even got into the fun, quite literally. He loves to feel like a big kid.

Yesterday the kids played on the slip and slide with the neighbors. Cara came in freezing and got in a nice warm bath. She and Caleb can play in the tub forever, and I feel like they are old enough to be safe on their own. I came out to the computer and realized after about 10 minutes that it was REALLY quiet in the bathroom. Before I even got to my bedroom door I could hear the snoring. She was sound asleep in the tub. She didn't even wake up when I pulled her out and wrapped her up in a towel to finish her nap.

In other news, this happy little baby (9 months old this week) has cut three new teeth over the past four days. I notice one blister on the top, I believe it was Sunday, and yesterday, which was Thursday I took a peek and there were three pearly white upper teeth. The strange thing is that the one he is missing is one of the middle two. Hopefully it will follow shortly or he might start looking like a toothless jack-o-lantern.


The Ravsten's said...

Such adventurous kids. It's great. I'm glad summer is so much fun for you. The cars are a great idea. I need to remember that one!

Camille said...

I can't believe that Cara fell asleep in the tub - too funny! Did it make you nervous?

Cathie said...

Too too cute! How WONDERFUL to have your kids have playmates outside!

Karlenn said...

Oh my gosh, I would have been freaking out if I saw my kid asleep in the tub! Yikes!! I love Cara's hair with her bangs grown out. She looks really cute that way. You're lucky to live in such a great neighborhood. I can't stand the neighbor kids in my neighborhood!

CoreyTina&boys said...

Cara fell asleep in the tub! That is so scary, I'd have had a near heart attack! can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!