Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holy Hail . . . Storm and other Spring Happenings

Monday it began to hail like crazy. The hailstones were bigger than I have ever seen before so I risked my life to get a picture just out the front porch.

The cool spring weather has stuck around this year, and honestly I am quite enjoying it. I keep thinking of how much we must be saving on Air Conditioning and Water bills. Unfortunately, Caleb only got to play four of ten soccer games. They were snowed or rained out of three of them (one they played in the poring rain) and he missed three of them while we were on our trip to Mexico. Even though the season was short it was one of the highlights of his life so far. He loved running and sliding, falling and rolling, and he even scored at least once at every game. He was so fun to watch. I am glad I enjoy watching him play ball (even in the rain) because I think I might be doing it for a few years.

He was on a team with his BFF Isaac. Isaac’s dad, Dave, was their coach.

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Karlenn said...

Oh, Caleb looks so much like his mommy. How great that he liked soccer. Dylan kind of hated it.