Saturday, January 2, 2016

Signs that winter is coming

I know winter is coming when our Saturday's start to be filled with basketball.  I really love basketball.  I like watching the fast paced games, even when it is 1st graders who don't make many baskets, and I love that it is indoors so the weather isn't an issue.  I love that my boys are getting exercise in the winter when they aren't running the neighborhood. I love that my boys are tall and therefore have one small advantage, to help with their not so athletic genetics.

It was fun to see the improvements that Andy made with basketball this year.  We could also see him improve from one game to the next.  In his last game it felt like he stole the ball almost every time the other team passed, and he made almost half of his team's points with 4 or 5 baskets.

Caleb had a great experience with his Jr. Mustang team this year too.  His coach was really proactive with practices and his team was quite athletic.  Caleb kept up with them and had the advantage of his height.  It is amazing how much the boys improve each year!

Another sign that winter is on its way is music recitals.  Andy had a piano recital and is making great progress with piano.  It is refreshing to have him play the piano and not fight me each day when it is time to practice.  Unfortunately we didn't take a picture a his recital.  Whoops.  In contrast I lost the piano war with Caleb.  He quit this fall.  He stopped making any progress.  He was on the same songs for months because he refused to practice them correctly.  I could make him practice every day, but I couldn't make him play the correct notes our play "musically."  It was such a fight every day that I finally gave up, even though he was beginning to play hymns, which was my ultimate goal for him.  I guess he gets to choose. It is sad for me to see him make a decision I know he will regret. 

Cara had her first cello recital.  The stage was packed with 4th and 5th grade orchestra students from 10 elementary schools (I think.)  Most parents couldn't see their student, but Cara was placed on the floor and we were lucky enough to sit right in front of her.  I love the cello, but I laugh a little when I hear her reason for choosing to switch to cello after taking violin lessons for two years.  It boils down to the fact that she wants to sit when she plays rather than stand.  So there it is, we have a cello player. 

Ali was so excited to start music lessons this year.  I tried to convince her to take dance as well, but she ONLY wanted violin and piano.  She seems to really enjoy it.  She is taking with our cute neighbor Charles so they walk to and from music lessons together twice each week.  She is sitting by him on the piano for their duet of Tucka Tucka and Joy Old Saint Nicholas at one of a few care center performances they did this December. 

It is hard to believe they make violins as tiny as the one that Ali uses.  Of course the little Kindergarteners with their tiny violins were the highlight of the performances.  So cute!!

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