Tuesday, January 5, 2016

EVE - A Great Tradition

We are attempting to make New Years a family holiday!  In that attempt we have created the tradition of going to Salt Lake City for a few days and for the past few years we have participated in the EVE Celebration.  This year we were lucky enough to spend the first couple days of the celebration with family. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express across the street from the Salt Palace.  It has a huge swimming pool, which is where the kids spent a lot of time!   

The museums are fantastic! This is an infinity mirror in the Leonardo. 

 We may or may not have gone to Paris.  Or we may have been playing with a green screen.  You decide. 

The kids love the "Ball Room" at the Salt Palace most of all, but it was dark so I couldn't get any good pictures.  Although it is hard to go wrong with a room full of bounce houses and very few lines. 

On News Eve we had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed some time on Temple Square.  

Then we rode Trax to the Jazz Game. 

Watched the Jazz win from our nose bleed seats.

And then we brought in 2016 at a ninja new years party with the Coombs and their other cousins.  This was the final ninja challenge, standing on eggs.  Believe it or not - it is possible, and Cara did it. 

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