Saturday, January 2, 2016

A rare opportunity to have season passes to ski

Cache Valley's new ski resort Cherry Peak opened up in December and we have season passes.  I've been so excited about this!!  We were supposed to have them last year, but the resort didn't open so we got them this year, which is actually better since the kids are a year older.  I grew up skiing a few times each year so having a season pass is like a dream come true for me.  It is also a dream for me to have a skiing family and to ski with each of my children.  I've been excited as I've gathered gear and made sure everyone was set for the season.

It has been interesting to measure up my kids to prep their bindings and get their gear.  I learned that Johnny weighs five pounds more than Ali and they have the exact same shoe size.  Yes, Ali is more than two years older than Johnny.  Cara is two and a half years older than Andy and they are also about the same size.  Andy is size 4 shoe and Cara is size 2.  As if gearing up five children to ski isn't complicated enough their sizes could really throw me.

We went to Cherry Peak on their opening day, which also happened to be the first day the kids were out of school for Christmas.  Caleb lined up everyone gear in the living room so they could get dressed before we left.  They were all excited.

Ali and Johnny were skiing for the first time.  Ali caught on and was almost independently skiing on the bunny hill by the end of the day.  Johnny didn't catch on as quickly, but he still seemed to like it.

Andy and Cara were super skiers zipping up and down the bunny hill.  The crazy thing is that they REFUSED to get on the lift and ski a "real" hill.  It almost makes me crazy.  They just want to stay in their comfort zone.  

The first day skiing went so well and we stayed up there pretty much all day.  It was just as I'd hoped. Of course it probably helped that is was a warm day with beautiful fresh snow! Shots of Johnny, Ali, and Josh even made it on the Channel 13 News.

We went up again a couple days later and the kids were mostly interested in tubing.  They again REFUSED to go on a "real" lift.  They did a little skiing, but mostly tubed.  

My mom even joined us for some tubing. Personally I'd rather ski.  I feel like I at least have some control with skies on. 

The most unfortunate thing is that Caleb refuses to snow board.  He hasn't been on his board since the first day (when he only went on the bunny hill).  We went one more time over Christmas with the Coombs, so we have been a total of three times now, and all he will do is tube and hang out in the lodge.  Andy and Cara have stopped making progress as well.  I feel like my dream of having a skiing family is slipping between my fingers. There were at least three other days over Christmas break that I would have loved to take the kids skiing, but they just weren't interested.  They'd rater stay home and play with friends.  On the positive side, if they aren't interested in skiing it is going to save me A LOT of money!  And if all Caleb will do this year is tube at least maybe we will get to see this happy smile on his face a few times.

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