Thursday, August 21, 2014

When the Coombs come to town

With my five kids and Cathie's six is is a HUGE party when they come to town.  This year they spent a few weeks in Utah so we were able to spend a lot of time together.  My kids are so thrilled when they get to spend time with their cousins.  We did some really fun activities together.  When they are in town it is like an extended and unofficial family reunion for days on end.  We love it!

One highlight was playing at the "hide-away" my Uncle Gordon and Aunt Anna have created.  There are so many fun things to do there.  On unique activity is a "chariot" zip line where the four-wheeler pulls the rider to the top of the hill for the ride of their lives.

It has a fantastic redneck waterside!

The kids favorite thing with is the irrigation pond filled with kayak's, an island dock, a high dive, and a zip-line into the pond.  It is so fun!  The kids think it is better than any swimming pool. (This picture is from the time we went with our friends, the Knight's, Low's and Campbell's.)

 They also have bows and arrows.  That is Andy's favorite activity.  He could do it the entire time!

They also have a zip-line the kids do themselves.  Seriously!  Does it get any funner!

The boys, especially Caleb, enjoyed the bb guns and targets. You can see why the three trips to the "hide-a-way" this summer have been some of the best days of the summer!

The Coombs were in town for the Preston Night Rodeo.  It gave us an excuse to go back to Preston.  It isn't the same without dad, but I feel like we should continue to go, almost in honor of his memory because he loved the rodeo so much.  This truck full of kids were hitching a ride from the parade to the rodeo.  They have a good life!!

The timing worked out such that we were also able to attend the Ogden Temple open house with the entire family, including the Coombs.  It is always a privilege to take our family through new temples and see the beauty through the eyes of children.

I had to include this picture of Andy with his two favorite cousins, one from each side of the family, Corbin and Ethen. They were playing with an iPad in the the car.  I don't think Andy's life could have been any better than at this moment.

We spent the 24th of July at This is the Place Park.  It was a lovely day.  There was so much to see and do.  Well worth the money!

I wash there was a picture of this entire train because the front two carts were Cathie and Keith and there rest of the gang.  Yep, our two families took up the entire train.  What a fun day!

We enjoyed other family activities with the Owen side of the family that I didn't get pictures of.  We went to a couple of other pioneer celebrations. We went to my cousin Scotty's temple endowment session before his mission.  We celebrated my mom's birthday and enjoyed a couple of AMAZING stake dinners.  We helped Cody and Stephanie move out of their apartment in Logan, for Cody to begin teaching in Herriman.  We loved our time spent with extended family this summer!!

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