Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sending out the summer in style

A bit of drama this summer proved to provide some fun.  Mid-summer our fridge leaked and caused some problems with our hardwood floor.  I was super sad when it happened, but we were able to file an insurance claim and get the floor refinished.  Insurance also paid for us to stay at a hotel while the finishing was being completed.  We made a little vacation out of the four days we were away, spending two full days at Lagoon and two more "sight-seeing."  

I hadn't been to Lagoon for five years.  The last time I was there we only had two kids.  We had a really fantastic time.  Our kids are chicken to say the least, but the lines were really short so Josh and I could go on the "big kid" rides while our kids waited and ate snacks.  It was quite a site seeing five kids waiting for their parents to go on rides.  Eventually Caleb went on a few of the scarier rides, but we had to offer to pay him to get him on.  Of course once he went he loved it. 

We rode the tram up to the peek at Snow Bird.  I love doing that in the summer!  It feels like we are flying. Of course the view is breath taking too. 

One of the greatest discoveries of the trip was the ropes course at Olympic Park, in Park City.  I was so proud of Caleb and Cara for completing it, and facing their fear of heights.  Andy and Ali got ready to do it, but were just a little too young to complete it.  I have to admit it had my heart racing most of the time!

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