Friday, April 19, 2013

Four pounds

I took Ali and John to the doctor last week for well visits.  I knew that they were getting really close in size.  John just sits and smiles.  He talks and giggles, and in just the last couple of weeks, at the age of 10 months, he has started rolling over consistently.  I'm not complaining that he doesn't crawl.  I love that he just sits there.  On the other hand Ali is ALWAYS moving.  She is jumping or running constantly.  I refer to her as my jumping bean.  She never stops moving.  I had to laugh when Johnny weighed in at 23 lbs and Ali at 27 lbs.  Yes, he is 10 months, and she is 3 and they have a four pound difference.  Johnny will have to walk before he gets much bigger.  I'm not sure I want to lug around much more weight. He sure is cute though.  We all love him so much.

Cara said the cutest thing the other day.  She told me that she has decided to start drinking water at school rather than milk.  I asked why and she said, "It says free fat on the carton. I don't want fat."  I reassured her that it doesn't have fat and that she could have it.  That same evening I offered to pick up some pizza for dinner for the kids.  She told me that she didn't want any pizza because it has too much fat.  I have to admit that I worry about her being on a slippery slope with diet.  So far she hasn't brought body image into it and I do encourage making healthy choices.  I hope we can keep it all in perspective.  She is a good example of healthy choices for me.

Last night after a bath Ali came out wearing this outfit.  (Doesn't she have a great sense of fashion?)  The funny part about it is that she is wearing Cara's shirt.  I heard for the first time "She's wearing my shirt!"  I wanted to document it because I bet I hear "She's wearing my shirt!" about a thousand more times over the next 15 years and it all started last night.


The Ravsten's said...

Pure awesomeness!

Diane said...

HAhaha! I have a niece and nephew with the same issue. She's 5 and he's 2. He may have passed her up in weight by now. Gotta love these little kids. Your children are absolutely beautiful. They look like such fun kids too.