Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Beautiful Easter

I love nice warm spring weather!  I'm grateful that it was beautiful weather for Easter.  Somehow the sun coming out just puts a smile on my face.  We are also lucky to live close enough to family to celebrate with both the Owen's and the Kirks for most holidays.

My mom always provides an awesome Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  We also colored eggs with the Owen's this year.  Somehow coloring eggs is a little less painful with more adults around.

We were at home for Easter this year so we went to the Millville Easter Egg Hunt.  It was awesome!!  The crowd was very small, in fact, I had Andy and Ali come to the 6-7 group with Cara, and they had a whole section of park all to themselves.  It was a beautiful and and we were able to spend the rest of Saturday at mom's house. 

Sunday we had hunt number three and Aunt Christina brought the kids Easter Baskets.  Ali loved sporting her beautiful princess earrings.

John is such a sport!  He is happy to be a part of the fun and enjoyed sitting in the warm sun hitting two eggs together.

You wouldn't believe how many pictures we had to take to get one with everyone looking in the same general direction, with their hands out of their mouths and faces, and somewhat pleasant looks on their faces?  How did people do it before digital cameras!?

I keep smiling about a conversation I had with Caleb and Cara on Saturday night.  They cornered me in the kitchen and asked, "Is the Easter Bunny real?"  In our family I have never even mentioned gifts coming from the Easter Bunny.  They do each receive a few small gifts on Easter morning.  (This year those who needed swim suits got a swim suit and the others each got an outfit.  They got sun glasses, flip flops and a little candy.)  I told them he was not.  That sent Cara off on a tangent about how she know he couldn't be "that hop, hop, hopping from house to house would be impossible.  Santa has rein deer, and they are fast, so that is totally possible."  She had so much to say on the matter.  I was dying it was so cute!  I even took a seat near Caleb at the bar and Cara also pulled up a stool.  This was a conversation that she wanted to be a part of!!  Next, Caleb launched into leprechauns. "Are leprechauns real?"  I'd never even heard of mischievous leprechauns until my kids went to school.  I didn't have to answer because Cara knew all of the answers from here on out.  "Of course they are," she told him. I wish I could remember the details, but she KNEW that they were real.  Caleb wanted to know if I ate the pepper from the leprechaun trap last year.  I told him that I don't like peppers, true.  Next he asked about the tooth fairy.  Cara was pretty sure that the tooth fairy is real and Caleb was pretty sure that she isn't.  They had so much to say that they didn't even require me to answer.  When they would turn to me I'd ask what they thought.  My final answer was that THE MAGIC IS IN BELIEVING.  I tried to scoot Cara off to bed before Caleb got into more questions.  Caleb and I spent a little more time talking about the tooth fairy and Santa.  I guess I have reached a new level in parenting.  They are so cute!  It is fun to be the creator of MAGIC. 

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The Ravsten's said...

Looks and sounds like things are going well. Carry on! Love you. Em