Friday, January 2, 2009

Too Much Speech Therapy?

For the past year I have been taking Cara to Speech Therapy at least once a week. She loves to go and try’s so hard to talk. She says the word “doggy” – “goddy”. It drives me crazy so I often say to her “d - d - d doggy like daddy” and try to get her to repeat what I am saying. The other day she was sitting holding her toy dog. I heard her saying “t - t - t daddy, goddy.” She is so darn cute but I wonder if all of this speech therapy is going right over her head.

Cara has some funny ways that she says things that are simply bad habits, not that she can't say them right. For example, she says potty, "hotty". This has been confusing in nursery because they think she is trying to tell them that she is hungry or happy or something. It doesn't take long for them to figure out her body language.

Cara has NEVER said Caleb. For at least six month she called him "hunga" and then she moved to "wang" for about six months for the past three or four months she has been calling him "vuna". I think she is saying brother. I say, "say Ca." She says, "Ca". I say, "Say leb." She says, "leb." I say, "say Ca-leb." She says, "vuna." All of the correcting in the world will not get her to say Caleb.

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Karlenn said...

Carrie, I am soooo in the same boat! Our therapist spent the last four months getting Sadie to say her beginning k sounds. They took a few weeks off for Christmas, and then took a couple of weeks to rearrange their therapists and interns and stuff, and in that interim, Sadie has regressed. Absolutely refuses to do her beginning k sounds. So I'm wondering - why bother? Why drive fifteen minutes each way if nothing is IMPROVING??