Monday, January 19, 2009

Girl Crazy at Age Four

I didn’t know that four year olds could be girl crazy, but Caleb is great at surprising me. A couple of weeks ago on the way home from church he said, “Brielle said that she doesn’t kiss little boys.” Brielle is the six-year-old girl he has been “going to marry” sense early last summer. I didn’t think much of it sense the only time he really sees her is at church although he occasionally asked if she could come over and play. With Brielle having given him the cold shoulder on Sunday he asked Jillian if she would marry him at preschool on Monday. Jillian apparently agreed and he found himself on the track to marriage again. Their teacher told me that she found a lot of humor in watching him put his arm around her and her laying her head on his chest. She said that he also tried to plant a kiss on her a few times but luckily that was going a little too far for her. When I talked to him about it he tried to settle my fears by telling me that he is “not getting married until I am six.” I thought it was only girls that dreamed about getting married in preschool. I haven’t heard much about Jillian this week. They are no longer allowed to sit by each other in school or to play “the Princess Leia Game.” I think Caleb now has his eyes on another neighbor girl, another older girl, a kindergartener who is good at video games. He thinks she is “so cool”. Who knows she may get the big question this week.

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Karlenn said...

Oh my GOSH!!! I thought only girls liked boys when they were little! What a little playa Caleb is!!