Saturday, January 12, 2008

Santa Came to Our House

Once again Santa made it to our house. I am slow to post because I didn't take very many pictures. We had a wonderful Christmas!

We spent Christmas Eve with my family. We always have a wonderful time there. The kids love playing with their cousins, and my mom goes to so much work serving us all. Christie has tagged herself as Santa's helper, and she makes Santa himself look bad with all of her gifts. It is so fun to watch the kids.

We are lucky to have both of our families in the valley so we get to spend time with both of them over Christmas. We were wondering if we would make it home on Christmas Eve night because of all of the snow, but we didn't get stuck until we were in the driveway at home.

We spent Christmas morning with our little family, and then went to the Kirks on Christmas afternoon. They prepared an amazing Christmas dinner of ham, turkey and ribs. We ate better then royalty. We are so blessed in every way!

I won't even begin to list all that the kids got for Christmas, but as you can see from this picture the biggest kid gets the biggest toy.

Cara loves her princess chair.

Sami got her long awaited and beloved iPod. I didn't know she would quit talking to me after she got it, but she really enjoys listening to her music.

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