Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Joy School

This school year I have become a huge fan of Joy School. Joy School is the curriculum we have used for Caleb€™s preschool. Basically it is a preschool coop in which the focus is teaching children Joy. For example my unit last semester was the Joy of the Earth and we explored the earth and fall using our five senses. I taught two mornings a week for three weeks (six times) and then I was done for the semester. So Caleb got 15 weeks of school and I only had to teach three of them. The curriculum is awesome and the other moms and kids in the group are fantastic. If you want to learn more about Joy School or find some fun resources go to valuesparenting.com.

Last week I subbed for a mom who is teaching The Joy of the Body. Our lesson was on loving yourself. We spent most of the lesson planning a celebration for €œsomeone they loved€. They made brownies and Noodle Necklaces (for the letter of the day €“ N) and wrapped them for €œsomeone they loved.€ At the end of the lesson they learned that the someone they loved was themselves. These pictures are the kids considering how they love themselves in front of a mirror.

Good Friends

Pulling Faces

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