Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lucky Ducks

Today was our first American Mothers meeting for the year, and it was fantastic. The theme for the meeting was lucky ducks. The overall message to me was to remember how lucky we are no matter what our position is in life and to watch for "Open Doors" because as our lives change when one door closes another opens. Our speaker, Diane Weese, was speaking to our group of moms with young children and she said, "Enjoy this, these are the best years of your life" as the kids were all around causing chaos and distracting us. I have thought about it and everyone should think that they are in the best years of their life whatever phase they are in because there are wonderful things about them all. The following are my bullet point notes:
* Let the yucky stuff in life go and remember you are a Lucky Duck
* Put a smile on your face and keep on going
* Everyone struggles don't compare
* Don't try to be someone else
* We give up dreams like in the story "Fanny's Dream" but with each dream we give up we get to live a different dream that we maybe never even thought of
* With God all things are possible
* Take time to ready, to pray, to enjoy music, and to find ways to serve others
* Make your day Lucky by not being a Sitting Duck. Luck comes to those who get out and find it.

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