Thursday, March 3, 2016

A milestone birthday

It is hard to believe that Caleb turned 12 last week.  It is a milestone because he was given the Priesthood.  It is scary for me because I wonder if I've taught him enough, and if he realizes the significance of the ordnances that he is participating in.  I'm not the kind of mom that gets sad as my children grow.  I love to see the progress they are making in their lives.

I sure missed my dad on Caleb's birthday. (His birthday fell on a Sunday so he was actually ordained on his birthday.) I feel as if my dad was there for the ordination in spirit, but I should would have loved to see him and give him a big hug.  The opening hymn for Sacrament meeting was my dads favorite, "Because I have been given much."  I took it as a sign that he was with us.  Josh ordained Caleb and was assisted by his dad, Lonn, and our Bishop and good friend, Adam Campbell.

Josh's family, Lonn, Sharon, Ethen, and Alexa were there and came over to celebrate after, and my family, Iva, Connie, Colby and their kids celebrated with us too.  It made for the perfect Sunday birthday.  

As always Caleb was spoiled!  He had Friday off from school and it was his friend Carter's birthday so Carters parents took them to Boondocks for the day.  Where they got to play unlimited lazer tag, go carts, bowling and much more.  Most everything a boy could ask for.  Saturday I took him and his friends Carter, Kamden, and Logan out to Pizza Pie Cafe (Caleb's favorite buffet) and then to the jump zone.  Another birthday down!

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