Sunday, October 11, 2015

Go AGGIES . . . and other fun happenings

As if we didn't have enough going on in September we decided to make a more long term room situation for Cara and redo one of our bedrooms.  This navy and blue "air plane" room has served us well.  It was a little sad to say good-by to it, but we want our girls upstairs and our boys down so we made this Cara's room complete with walls in her favorite color, aqua.  

It was a WAY bigger project than we expected.  We added a wall down stairs so now we have an additional large room for Andy and Johnny to share and the office has come full circle down stairs, back to its original intent, an office.  The finished results of Cara's room are quite cute.  I hope she likes it for many many years! 

Did you know that there are SALMON in Cache Valley!!  I had no idea but this year you took a trip to Porcupine Damn and saw them running.  They are 1/3 the size of Alaskan Salmon, but I didn't know that there was such a thing as lake Salmon right here.  It was a beautiful day to see God's beautiful creations. 

Josh's parents, Lonn and Sharon, joined us.  It is always fun to have family along. 

I love the way Ali and Johnny love each other and get along.  Ali is the little mommy and John mostly does what she says.  They are the best of friends!!

The beautiful fall weather has been very cooperative for our endless fun!!
This year we experienced Lagoon's Frightmares for the first time.  I'm a fan!
Good-by Lagoon season passes, you've treated us well!

Last year my cousin Nate and his wife Donelle had a beautiful daughter with down sindorme.  They invited us to participate in a fundraiser to raise awareness of down syndrome called the Buddy Walk.  It was a fantastic day at the American West Heritage Center, complete with . . . 
Subway lunch, my kids favorite!

Horse rides. 

Caleb's last one.  He's aging out.

Face painting.  John chose to be some kind of monster or something. 

Hello Kitty was the painting of choice for Ali. 

And Cara went with a more mature look. 

Josh took the boys (Cara was sick) out to the corn maze that night.  They had the place to themselves and stayed until close shooting guns and throwing tomahawk's. 

USU Homecoming is like a holiday for us.  We make a big celebration out of it starting in the morning with the parade.  The kids have been eating their candy for a week and they are still working on it.  They sure loaded up.  
This year my cousin Emily and her husband Travis and their family drove from Denver to join us!
Our children loved being together, and we always love to spend time with Emily and Travis!

We took the opportunity to head up to campus and share our love for USU with our children!

We are lucky enough to get invited to a leadership reunion each year.  The kids love the raffles.  I love the discounted game tickets and the enhanced homecoming experience we enjoy. 
We couldn't resist the opportunity to take a family group shot with none other than Big Blue!

The girls put on their diva in the photo booth. 

The tale-gate party is fun to hit after the reunion! 

I don't know how Johnny could eat one more treat, but he ate his doughnut and Ali's. 

Andy with Tristan.  

Cara loved being with Kedzie. 

This year's homecoming had an unexpected adventure.  Just before half time I took these three to the bathroom, and Caleb and Andy headed to the grass to play football.  While we were all separated they announced they would be evacuating the stadium due to lightning.  With everyone leaving it was pointless for us to try to get back to our seats so we hunkered down under some steps to wait things out.  The kids loved it!  I was warm and dry and felt very safe.  It was fun to watch the people filing out.  

Andy and Caleb made it back to Emily and Travis.  (I told them to get right back to our seats if it started to rain, and they obeyed.) Emily saw the opportunity to get the boys onto the turf.  The stairs were unguarded so Caleb played football with Emily's boys on the turf, in the rain, while the stadium was being evacuated.  Fun memory!!

We hadn't left when they announced that they would be continuing the game so the boys and Emily grabbed the front row on the 10 yard line.  It was awesome!  We piled on the blankets and watched the Aggies defeat Colorado State. Go Aggies!!!

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The Ravsten's said...

I will remember this weekend well into my dementia! It was so much fun. Thanks for the encouragement to come. We will do it again, I promise!