Sunday, June 7, 2015

Celebrating a FANTASTIC school year

I can hardly believe that we are through with another school year!  It seems like it just started.  The end of school is always filled with excitement and celebration.  This year was no exception.  Cara had a whole lot to celebrate with the end of school this year.  FIRST, she was released from speech! She has been in speech since before she was two so this is a huge accomplishment.  We were both so happy that she has done so well.  

Cara loves art!!  Some of her art was displayed in the district art show.  She could do art all day long! She would like to keep all of it, but a picture will have to due with some of the more bulky art projects. 

Cara works so hard in school.  Her dyslexia continues to present some major problems, but she has the best attitude and work ethic.  I am so proud of her!

 For their end of school program her class did little plays.  They presented cute fables. She is pictured here as "the dancing camel."

Cara finished her year of ballet.  It turns out that she'd rather not continue to dance, but she had a friend in her class, Aspen, the second semester which made her time at ballet much more enjoyable. 

I wish she was more interested.  She is such a beautiful ballerina and always has such graceful form. 

Andy has had the best year!  His kindergarten teacher was so adorable and three of his best neighbor friends (all four in the cul-de-sac) were in his class, Dylan, Hayden, and Beck. They would go to a few hours of school in the morning and then PLAY all afternoon.  If one friend wasn't home or available there was always another option.  The four of them as well as two other neighbors played on a soccer team this spring.  They were incredible!  Most games they won by a landslide.  We didn't even cheer when they made goals because it was so ridiculous.  Andy is a lucky boy!! (Their last game was cold and wet, hence the awesome outfits.)

Caleb had an incredible teacher this year.  Not only was she honored as teach of the year, in 2014, but this year she was one of 5 teachers in the nation to receive an award for teaching science in the classroom.  She is out of this world!!  We joined them on one of their class field trips to plant little fish, that they had raised from eggs, in a local pond.  

Running is NOT Caleb's thing (it's genetic) so just completing the Wellsville mile is a big deal for him.  Not his best time, but he did it.  He is glad that part of they year is over. 

Mrs. Anderson created a before school service club, The Panda Power Club, and here Caleb is being recognized for participating in that service club this year. 

The fifth grade end of school program is a Civil War Reenactment.  I was touched and so impressed by the program they put on.  They reenacted six battles in the form of a water balloon fight, but it was touching, educational, and a fun memory for the kids.  

Our neighborhood knows how to celebrate!  The Millers host an end of school party that gets better each year.  It is the perfect way to bring in summer!

I really can't believe that I don't have any pictures of Ali's end of school celebrations.  She went to the USU lab preschool four days a week this year.  She LOVED school.  She loved the songs, the social, her teachers and everything she learned.  It was a crazy year with Andy getting home from school at 12:20 each day and Ali's preschool starting on campus at 12:30 four days a week.  I'm glad it is over, but I wouldn't take any of it back.  I think she had a great experience.  

Ali was also in a neighborhood coop "ABC Group" on Mondays (the day she didn't have school at USU.)  There were 8 other children from the neighborhood that she LOVED playing with and going to each of their homes.  Ali had a fantastic year of learning and FUN!!

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