Thursday, June 11, 2015

An Early Father's Day

Delayed gratification is not just difficult for children.  Let's be honest, it is hard for all of us to wait, including, and maybe especially, Josh.  For years he has dreamed of getting a remote control airplane.  He grew up doing Civil Air Patrol and dreaming of being a pilot.  This spring a good friend of ours decided he needed to pick up a hobby he could enjoy with his kids and got himself an airplane and RC car.  Josh and Caleb would jump at every chance to go out with him to play with his toys!

Josh decided with the new technology of a panic button and beginner mode, making it possible for amateurs to be successful flying, he would join in the fun by getting his own airplane.  I told him he could have one for Father's Day and he promptly went out and purchased one (a month early).  Of course he couldn't wait to get out and fly it.  He was like a kid on Christmas morning!!

It has been a fun family activity.  Unfortunately about a week in he accidentally hit "advanced" mode rather than the panic button when he lost control and had his first crash.  It was a sad day.  (Johnny poured a full glass of water on my computer that day too.  It caused enough damage that I had to get a new laptop.)  Josh fixed the airplane and had it up and running again in about a week, but sadly during it's next flight the battery fell out mid-air.  Needless to say that didn't go over very well either so now we are waiting for parts again.

Caleb sold a bunch of his toys and actually did extra chores for a few weeks to earn money and paid for 1/2 of an RC car.  He loves it.  I have a hard time comprehending how a toy can be worth hundreds of dollars, but I guess the saying is true that boys love their toys.  It is true for my boys at least.

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Kar said...

Your kids are growing up so fast!!! I can't get over it! Ben and his buddy used to fly RC airplanes. He has hundreds of these teeny, skinny little screwdrivers from that phase in his life. We even went to this national RC airplane show in Vegas when I was pregnant with Dylan. Even the pros crash their planes. It's an expensive hobby!