Friday, March 6, 2015

Winter Highlights

We did it.  Three years of cub scouts officially down. Caleb has graduated from Cub Scouts with his Arrow of Light.  Now on to Boy Scouts.

This winter has been incredibly mild.  We have had a couple of ski days including our night ski party.  It is fun to have three of the kids FINALLY skiing a little.  Next year they might really turn to skiers.  We had season passes to the brand new ski resort here in Cache Valley, but they were delayed in opening so we will get to use those passes next year.   

There is so much playing and rough housing that goes on at our house.  Almost an intolerable amount, but it is good to hear happy kids playing.

And he's out . . .

Some people watch football games on the big screen.  This is what my boys use.  No one was complaining. (They could have hooked it up to the TV, but they didn't.)

Is it an indication of too much fun when I see picture of the kids at the Jump Zone, I remember being there, but I have no recollection of why or when we went. They always love time at the Jump Zone.

We went on a fun ice skating outing with our neighbor friends, the Nielsons.

It was 60 degrees on President's Day!!  In honor of the warm weather we went to back yard BBQ. This weather has been amazingly warm, and I'm not complaining!!  The kids have spent so much time playing outside.  

Time is passing quickly, but we are making the most of every possible moment!!

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The Ravsten's said...

We are just beginning scouts and I'm the wolf leader! Ethan loves it. I can't believe Caleb is that old. What happened to these kids?! And wheres the new ski resort? That's exciting! Love you. See you in June.