Sunday, October 12, 2014

Meet the Bus Driver

You guessed it - it's me!  My season of life is shifting from being chained to my house by naps, feedings and diapers to being the taxi mom.  I don't really drive a taxi, I drive a bus!  This summer we purchased a beautiful, black 2008, gas guzzling suburban.  I am spending hours on the road!

Ali is in preschool at USU four days a week.  She loves the social and getting out every day. (I love it too.)  Fortunately we have a car pool, but driving to USU almost every day is a 45 minute round trip effort.  Luckily she is having a great experience, which makes it worthwhile for me.

Saturday Caleb's first tackle football season came to an end.  More about football later, but as far as the bus goes, football has added to the chasing!!  With practice four days a week for 90 minutes, in Hyrum there has been a lot of back and forth not to mention a game every Saturday. 

Cara started ballet with Cache Civic Ballet this fall.  She is loving it!  She is such a beautiful ballerina!  Sadly she is taking a brake from her violin to free up the time for dance, but now is the time to explore and find her passion so I decided to let her go for it.

I'm enjoying my hobbies and business as well.  Sharing essential oils and wellness products brings me great joy and fills any extra time I can find.  Convention was last month and I was honored for hitting the rank of Gold.  It is so exciting and fulfilling for me to participate in this company that is blessing so many lives, physically, emotional, and financially.  I am grateful it has blessed my life in these ways too.  I'm looking forward to tremendous growth again this year and grateful for the joy that I find in my friendships and and the personal growth that it brings to my life!

I was also called to be in the RS Presidency a few weeks ago.  I'm looking forward to additional church service.  I love the gals I will be serving with and always have a burning desire in my heart to serve God. 


The Ravsten's said...

Sounds like a wonderful, crazy and blessed life! Go Carrie! Love ya

Jordan and Jodi said...

Carrie! Congrats on your new calling! You will be a fantastic RS pres! You are so creative and extremely caring! I have been away from the blogging world for so long but I am trying to get back into recording history. Thanks for your experiences! :)