Monday, October 6, 2014

Andy turned 6!

Andy turning 6 is evidence that time flies!! It really feels like he was my baby just yesterday.  I sure love him!! Sometimes he follows the bad example of his older siblings, but his nature is to be so good.  For example, Caleb hates to practice the piano so sometimes Andy acts like he hates it, even though he likes it.  Same thing with homework.

I've learned that the best day to have a birthday party is on their birthday.  Other wise we end up having multiple parties.  For Andy's birthday we had a baseball party.  It was easy and low key.  The boys seemed to have a great time.

Usually I don't get to tap into Josh's graphic design talents, but sometimes he's willing to create party invites.  I love it when he does.  This was Andy's cute invitation.

The boys gave awesome gifts!  It makes me feel like a bad gift giver, but so grateful for their generosity.  It is amazing!

I am not an awesome cake maker, but somehow the cake is always a highlight.  Caleb has such a strong influence on the rest of the family.  The things that are important to him are important to everyone.

The boys had a great time playing baseball in our back yard.  We are so fortunate to live among so many wonderful children and their amazing parents.  

 Happy birthday to my dear Andy!

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