Monday, July 7, 2014

A Boating Summer

We had the unique opportunity to lease a boat for the summer.  I think that boating is worth every bit of effort and expense because it is such a family oriented sport.  Josh is yet to be convinced so leasing one for the summer provided the perfect opportunity to try it out without going to the expense of buying a boat ourselves.  We have a lot of summer ahead of us, but so far it has been tons of fun.  The best part is that we are all together away from friends and the stress of being home.  It is like taking a mini vacation once a week.

One surprise is how much Johnny likes it.  He is perfectly content on the boat.  Here he is cheering on the other kids in the tube.  He doesn't mind taking naps on the boat.  He is such a joy!

Caleb has become proficient at the knee board and likes to show other kids how to do it.  He is also getting much braver on the tube.  Andy, Ali and Cara take little tube rides, but they come along mostly for the ride and Cara jumps in EVERY chance she can.  If the motor is off, chances are Cara and possibly Andy, are in the water.

I love to get out in the water.  I think I'd be happy boating every evening.  (Of course, I'm getting tired from so much plan, and my muscles are always sore. I do think it is worth it.)  I like to wake board the best, but a good tube ride is fun as well.

Ali just chills on the boat.  (She is too skinny to spend much time in the cold water.)

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