Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rodeo Weekend

It has become a tradition for my family to get together over Rodeo weekend in Preston. The Coombs were here this year which is so fun for all of us. The kids love their cousins!! Cara is willing to follow Emi in any devious plan including chasing my moms chickens to pull out their feathers, "thinning" the carrots in the garden, and splatter painting in the dining room. (I'm sure none of those things were Cara's ideas. :)

They were very cute in the matching skirts that Connie made them.

My dad goes to great lengths to get pony's for the kids to ride. Caleb thinks he is a cowboy. He wears all of his cowboy cloths and he spends hours begging to ride horses. He was crying and begging to get off about 30 seconds after he got on.

Caleb and Cara look forward to going to the rodeo all year.

Of course my mom spoils the kids too. She had "bug catching" kits for each of them. She even embroidered their names on the pockets of their vests. They loved them.

Ali was pretty sure her net was a hat.

We hiked up to Willow Flat Spring. Andy did the whole hike on his own. Pretty darn good for a two year old.

It was beautiful! Hiking is such a great family activity.

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neil said...

Itwas great to have the family together LUV YA'