Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a week!

We have been having a really fun summer, and this past week will certainly be a highlight. When my sister Cathie and her four kids come to town we always have so much fun with them. The cousins love to be together. Saturday was the annual Romer Reunion, and it was awesome. I love my cousins and aunts so much! I am so proud of them and love it when we get together. I hope that reunion continues forever!

At the reunion Cathie mentioned that she wished we could go to Lake Powell with her and her mother and father in law Sunday-Wednesday since none of the Coombs' cousins were going to make it. I said that we would be willing to drop everything and go if her in laws, Craig and Rita, were up for it. (They were providing the beautiful house boat, the top of the line ski boat, and the food.) She didn't dare ask them so when she got to their home on Sunday afternoon to leave my nephew Colter asked. Apparently they were looking for another family to join them. Cathie called and said we could go around 5:00 Sunday evening and we were on the road by 6:00. It was awesome!

This was a get away that we would have never been able to afford on our own right now. We are so grateful to the Coombs' for their generosity. We keep the ski boat running all of the time. Of course the tube was a huge hit. Josh and I love tubing, and the kids did too. Craig is the most awesome and experienced boat driver I have ever known and he made tubing a great experience.

There was also a toy called a ski trainer. It is basically a tube that the kids ride and they can stand up and hold a rope as if they were skiing. Cara was almost never out without her thumb up begging for speed. She loved every moment, even the two times that the tube filled with water while she was on it. She even tried skiing. She didn't get up her first try and we weren't pushing it so she didn't try again.

Caleb took his water sports very seriously. He had to warm up to the idea of each thing, but once he did it, he loved it.

Josh and I both loved surfing on the wake of the boat.

One of the highlights of the trip was going to the "canyons" and seeing the beauty of lake Powell. Craig spends one week a month at Powell so he know just where to go. We swam in the beautiful water. Josh, Cathie, Colter, and Cara did a little cliff jumping. (Of course Cara only jumped from a couple of feet, but she loves a thrill.) Riding on the boat was great. Andy was just happy to be there.

He would sit at the back of the boat and watch everyone take their turns. He is so easy going. I kept his life jacket on ALL of the time except when he was in his pack-and-play sleeping. He isn't a big water guy.

He was happy to just stick his toes in the water on occasion, and he loved feeding the ducks and carp.

Six kids, five adults, wonderful toys, what an opportunity! Luckily for us Josh's brother Gabe's girlfriend took Ali making the trip even more enjoyable.

We got back from Powell in time to get ready for Connie's wedding, which I will save for another post when we get pictures back from the photographer. It was an awesome week!

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