Wednesday, June 1, 2011


One of the hallmark traits of Josh and I is that we can be extremely spontaneous. I love to plan, and I do plan a lot. But when the opportunity to be spontaneous presents itself I can often leave my plans and jump on board. Memorial weekend was no different. Wednesday evening a client of Josh's in St. George mentioned that he would like to meet sometime soon. Josh emailed him and said, "how about Friday?" Giving us an excuse to get out of the cold weather for the long weekend. Thursday morning I was super busy at about 2:00 Josh emailed me and said, "it's a go." We were in the car headed to St. George within two hours. We stayed for four nights and enjoyed the beautiful weather and sunshine. It was even better because we were missing snow and miserable weather in Cache Valley.

Our hotel had two pools (one indoor and one outdoor) and two hot tubs. It had a park and a soft play with a ball pit as well. It was heaven for the kids. We spent a lot of time at the pool. It was crazy for me to have the four kids at the pool alone while Josh worked, but it was fun!

Ali is a little water baby. She loves swimming! She did take a dive in by herself once. I have to include that it was while Josh was watching her. Caleb is quite independent in the pool and made friends with anyone who would play pass with him.

Cara loves the water too, but she is very careful about wearing her life jacket. She wanted me to help her "learn to swim" but she wouldn't swim more than a few inches from the edge of the pool without her jacket.

Andy made it easier by spending his time in the 2 foot wading pool. He has no interest in really swimming.

We did spend time at the awesome St. George parks where my girls especially loved the water.

The highlight for me was Sunday. The we had a peaceful morning at church and the temple. We captured a few sweet moments.

We also went to Snow Canyon. We love it there! We went to one of the very small lava flow caves. These pictures tell a great story. The kids were very excited about going in. (We met a young man who had done it and was willing to show them the tricks.)

They all headed in.

Caleb promptly hit his head and came right back out - he wasn't really even in. I think the hit head gave him an excuse not to do it.

Cara emerged from the other end all smiles.

Another hike we did was to see the pioneer names. The kids love climbing the steep rocks. Andy really got into it this time too. You can see where Caleb stopped. That was high enough for him. Andy and Cara have no fear of rock climbing.

We had a great time being together.

We weren't even 30 minutes into the trip when Cara declared how she was already missing her friends. Sometimes it is good for the kids to get away and just be together. With six of us in a hotel room how could we not bond!


The Jensens said...

How fun!! We went for spring break and did a lot of the same things.

The Ravsten's said...

I love the picture of Cara in the water. It's awesome. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun. See you next weekend. Yeah!

Cathie said...

What fun! You got some really great pictures - are you the photographer? I could use some tips.

Diane said...

Good looking family! And lots of fun!