Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easy Ali is Back!

I think we have turned the corner! I hope that I am not going to cause myself bad luck by creating this post, but Ali has been a delight all week. She happily plays, emptying drawers and army crawling around the kitchen and house. She was a perfect baby until she started having ear infections last fall. Then she turned into a disaster! She got tubes in her ears at the end of March. After the surgery the ENT told us that the necessity of the surgery was confirmed when he discovered the fluid in her ear was what they used to call "glue ear." It was so thick it was extremely difficult to remove. I think that may have been the solution to a new Ali!

I have wondered a few times if she is really my baby. I have never experienced a grumpy baby. She also army crawls to get around. My other babies crawled with perfect form. It is amazing what she can get into crawling on her elbows. For example:

She is VERY "Kirky." For one she has the Kirk kid look. People have asked me if she looks like Cara, and I have said that she doesn't. I was wrong. I was looking at old pictures of Cara this week and they look allot alike. Ali also has the fear of standing that cursed Caleb and Andy. She is HATES standing. I would like her to be walking for the summer (as apposed to crawling through the dirt outside.) I make her stand a few times every day, and it brings her to tears. I think it is really fear. This is the happiest she has ever looked standing. It is probably because I gave her my phone, but it may be because she is with her cousin Kate.

She is a determined and stubborn. As my mom said, "there is no negotiating with her." She knows what she wants and she is going to get it. I am just glad to report that she is a happy baby again. I sure hope it sticks. Having a loving brother just 17 months older than her serves her well. For example he likes to share yummy food with her. I would have never given her this licorice or the cookies, let alone at the same time on the floor. Andy is always looking after his sister!


Karlenn said...

I'm so glad she's doing better. Dang ear infections. Ben had to have tubes in his ears when he was little; somehow, my kiddos haven't been cursed with ear infections. Yet. Knock on wood.

Cathie said...

Yay! I am so glad she is happy again! She is SO CUTE! I can see the Kirk in her!