Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrating Spring

There is nothing quite like going out in the rain to pet, hold, and see baby animals to celebrate spring. The American West Heritage Center extended baby animal days this year so I took Caleb, Cara, and Andy out in the rain on Saturday. The weather kept the huge crowd away, and the kids seemed to have a great time.

The calves were so calm letting the kids pet them.

The pony rides are always a hit.

I was amazed at how brave Andy was.

Caleb insisted on wearing shorts. When I told him he would be cold he replied, "I don't care." He wares shorts any time that I don't MAKE him wear long pants.

Andy was mad at this point because he wasn't holding a bunny. He did get to hold one, but I couldn't take a picture of him holding any thing because I needed to help him.

The kids also loved holding the little chicks and ducks. They could have stayed and played with them all day. Poor little chicks!

Andy loved the lambs. I must admit they were really cute and soft.


The Ravsten's said...

Looks like so much fun! Wish we were there!

Karlenn said...

Oh my gosh, I went to a little girl's country-themed first birthday party in San Diego, and they had baby chicks there to hold, and I could have done that all day long. They are so soft and cute.

Cathie said...

Awh, your kids are gorgeous. What a fun tradition!