Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where did that year go?

My baby Ali is 1 year old today. It has been a fun and crazy year. She was a perfect for her first 6 months and not so good for the last 6. If something is bothering her, usually her ears or her teeth, the whole world just as well stop. But when she is good - she is so good. She loves to be held so she is usually good if she is in arms. She has been my high maintenance baby.

We have been having fun celebrating her birthday. Saturday Grandma Iva brought a great present as well as a small cake just for her and a larger cake for the rest of us.

She was really happy about her new set of wheels except when Caleb turned a little too quick. She is very slow to become mobil. She just started army crawling this week. Her main form of transportation is rolling and pivoting. She has no interest in walking or even crawling for that matter.

She had no problem making a mess and enjoying every bit of cake that she could get into her mouth.

In fact she got to have cake twice on Saturday because the Kirks came over for a barbecue and we got to celebrate with them.

Today she woke up talking and happy (not her usual). I think she must have known it was her birthday. She gets lots of attention from her brothers and sister and after an early nap we even went out to Firehouse for lunch.

She got a bouquet of helium balloons and new cloths from us. What more could a 1 year old want and need.

Caleb also made her a hat that read "Happy Birthday Ali." I guess he likes to celebrate everyones birthdays not just his own.

This is what happens when I take a shower and leave Andy to tend his sister. Yes, those are Cheerios all over the floor!

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Karlenn said...

Sades was really slow to crawl, sit, walk, etc. She just had zero interest in it. Girls are so funny - so emotional sometimes. Though Cara seems pretty chill.