Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big Five

Cara had the milestone birthday of 5 years old today. It is at age five that my kids get their first friend birthday party. Somehow the cake (not my greatest talent) has become a big part of the party preparation. We had lots of help with Cara's My Little Pony Cake at the pre-party.

Her party was on Saturday. We had a spaghetti lunch and a few simple games.

She most looked forward to the pinata. Andy was not the big hitter of the group. He refused to hold the correct end of the bat.

The girls were adorable.

Cara blew out the first three candles without a problem. Caleb couldn't resist helping her with the others that she was having a hard time getting out.

She received some great gifts. This morning she was excited to get a few barbies to add to the ones she got on Saturday. She also got her own easel. Caleb made her the beautiful crown she is wearing. She also got a jump rope and hula hoop, which are skills she is going to need to work on, from the Kirks. Grandma Iva and Grandpa Neil got her a nice jewelry box and some jewelry to go in it. She was a very happy birthday girl.


Cathie said...

When did you get on the posting banwagon?! I missed so much! Your kids are absolutely GORGEOUS. WOW, they really are and so grown up. I am sorry that I missed calling for their birthday's. (Except Calebs, I got his) I think the picture of Andy does capture his joy. Cara is out of this world beautiful and I don't even recognize Ali. When did she get so big?!?
We both went to Tulum on our cruise. What was your guides name? We had Helaman. Maybe it was his family member that gave you the tour?
I would love to visit with you soon!
I love you tons!

Karlenn said...

I love the pic of Caleb "helping" Cara blow out her candles - you can see Josh's hand on his shoulder, trying to pull him back. Hilarious. That is such a good idea - to have the girls help decorate the cake. I'll have to do that for birthdays this year. It would take a load off me having to decorate it and getting all stressed out. I'm also a horrible cake decorator. That is something I'd really love to learn how to do.