Monday, November 1, 2010

We made it

We made it through yet another Halloween. I'm not totally sure why I don't like Halloween. Maybe it is because I lack self control with all of the candy. Maybe it is because I threw-up in the school hall on Halloween in the 2nd Grade. Maybe because there is pressure to buy or make awesome costumes for my kids. Maybe it is because carving pumpkins is such a mess and I end up scraping all of them and then carving them too. Maybe it is because . . . I will stop.

The kids do love the holiday and I do my best to oblige. Caleb has been shopping online for his costume for months. He saved money in September and bought it as soon as he had the $13 required. He was excited about being a red power ranger although there were no masks allowed at school so he dressed as Jack Sparrow on Friday for school.

Cara had a harder time deciding what to be. She finally settled on Tinkerbell. Whenever I called her "Tinkerbell" she would say, "I'm not Tinkerbell, she doesn't wear a shirt under her dress." I am trying to teach her young that just because it is Halloween does not mean you get to dress immodest.

Andy was an adorable duck! Caleb and Cara also wore this costume when they were two. I love it. It gives them a big waddle bum and fat thighs. Andy caught right on that people would give him candy when he was dressed up so he had no problem wearing the costume.

Ali was a cute little ballerina. She loved to touch and eat her tutu.

There are a couple of other fall memories for which I just got pictures off of the phone that I would like to post.

One of the highlights of the fall was watching USU win BYU in football for the first time since the early 90s. We joined the USU fans in rushing the field. Caleb loved being on the field. You can see the event staff behind Josh and Caleb. They were guarding the goal post which the fans took down last time USU won BYU. We also went to many of the USU homecoming activities, but the game was rained out. It was crazy!

I love this picture. I took Ali and went to an evening primary meeting. Josh was tired and half jokingly told the kids to put themselves to bed and he went to lay down. When I came home Josh was asleep and Andy, Cara, and Caleb were on the floor next to our bed. They had put their PJ's on and put themselves to sleep. They are so cute.

Finally, I had to post this picture. Caleb hasn't seemed to notice that most of his dress-ups are getting too small. He has grown so fast. I have started putting away size 8 pants and he is still 6. He is bigger than most of the 8 year olds in our neighborhood. He isn't a big eater right now (unless it's candy) but I am scared for when he starts eating! Right now keeping him in pants is a big enough problem.


Erica said...

love iit! Lo e your blog lately. Love you and your adorable children.

Erica said...

wow, commenting from my phone is tough.

Hilary said...

Halloween is not my favorite either, but then again I'm "holiday challenged" so I struggle with the rest of them, too. :-)

Cathie said...

I LOVE Halloween - what family did you grow up in? I get such a thrill about getting free candy and the parties are so fun! Your kids are DARLING! Poor Cara has to wear a shirt under her tinkerbell! :) Caleb's spiderman is so small! I hope he is always on my team!

Karlenn said...

Holy moley, I can't believe Caleb has outgrown size 8 pants!! That is amazing. Tall kiddo. Carrie, I soooo am with you on not liking Halloween. For all the same reasons. Having to gut, and then carve all the pumpkins when everyone else gets tired of it. Buying expensive candy. Cleaning up the mess Ben makes when he puts fake blood on his mouth and hands and gets it all over the house. Freezing my butt off while I take the kids trick-or-treating. The list goes on and on. Good for you for making Cara wear a shirt under her costume - I did the same with Sadie. I went to Wal-Mart on Saturday to pick up some stuff, and this young lady was there in her Halloween costume, and it was a maid costume with the garters attached to the black fishnet stockings, her butt cheeks hanging out of the little skirt... it was gross. Some girls think Halloween is an opportunity to dress immodestly. Not me. And not my daughter.

Diane said...

I think every mom likes to see their kids with waddle bums and fat thighs - yeah, I love that too. You're funny.