Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Boys Allowed

Tonight I opened the front door to our house and found a "No Boys Allowed" sign. Cara wanted to make sure that the neighbor boys (who happen to be 10 and 11) know that she thinks they are mean and that they are not welcome at our house.

Today in a matter of minutes she sketched this artwork on our wall in pen. Gurrrrrrr.

As of last night when I started this entry and wrote the previous entry:

1. I found a hobby that is going to make me money rather than cost. I am going to be crocheting beard beanies for this company: Beard Beanie. I am going to meet with the gal today. I took 8 or so years of crocheting 4H growing up. Who know that it was a skill that would ever pay off?

2. Ali's ear drum burst so she isn't a bad baby after all. I had no idea that she was in pain from an ear infection, but it was literally dripping out of her ear this morning. Poor thing! This isn't a good sign to start her first winter with a ruptured ear drum. Both Caleb and Cara have tubes. That may be Ali's destiny as well.

3. Caleb has gone from peeing the bed four times a night to once a night for a full week. This is a major step in the right direction. (See "Mom, I've Got Great News")

4. My mom is having her third shoulder surgery in a year today. (She had a knee replacement and pins and a plate put in a broken wrist this year too.) This is the last option to avoid a full replacement. We are sure hoping for the best for her today.


Robyn said...

Ok when I showed Mike the beard beanies he thought they were awesome! :) Seriously! I need to learn how to make one of those! :)

neil said...

I guess Cara is in charge. Just as I thought although her art may need some direction....LUV YA

Karlenn said...

Oh your poor mommy. My mom has had several knee surgeries and also a shoulder surgery. I'll be thinking of her. And I'm so glad that part of the "bad baby" mystery has been solved! Poor little gal. Hopefully the tubes will help her.

Cathie said...

I love the drawings! She even has fingers! Emi has the doodle issue as well! Luckily her wall drawing was pencil.
I LOVE the story about Ali and Andy. I knew you wanted to get pregnant right away, but I didn't realize Ali was there. Very touching! Our kids really are SO SPECIAL!

Latest Movei said...

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