Friday, October 8, 2010

The Terrific Twos

Andy has hit the terrific twos. He is a complete joy. If every two year old were like him they really would be called the terrific twos. He is such a teaser, but in a really sweet way. He loves to kiss. He often puts his cheek, forhead, hand or even lips up to my mouth for me to kiss. He rarely gets into trouble. He isn't a big explorer or mess maker, and he hardly ever even throws tantrums. (I hope I'm not jinxing myself by writing this.) He is becoming a great talker. He is a little echo and shadow for Caleb and Cara.

His birthday was really low key. Thanks to Grandma Iva and Connie for creating a little bit of a party.

Like I've mentioned before, he is really shy with the camera, and he was totally clueless about what to do with the candles. He had his mouth full of pizza when Josh brought him the cake so he just chewed and looked at it.

I had to add this picture because he just loves his cup. He would love to drink all of his calories in the form of milk. I sure love this boy!


Erica said...

I wish G. Jesse would take some lessons from Andy. He really needs a little less explorer/mess maker in him. Oye! Happy Birthday to Andy!

Karlenn said...

What a babe. I'm really jealous. My two year old is really, really terrible right now. :) I love that he just chewed his pizza and stared at the candles. That is really cute and made me giggle.

Cathie said...

WOW! How did you get a terrific two kid?!? He really is absolutely ADORABLE! Even with his radical hair!:)
Your update was so fun to read. There's your Christmas card! I loved reading about every one of their personalities. Cara asking how many scoops is priceless. I need to see you again so I can hear Andy's voice! WOW, he is growing. Its awesome that Caleb is such an athlete. Sweet Ali is so cute.(Maybe you should go to the chiropracter and see if all her bones are right so she looks up more. We have credit for one out here if you want to save your miles and come out! You need to see my new house!...I am SO grateful you saw my old one too!) I love you so much! Thank you for the update! Oh, and I LOVE LOVE your family picture. It really is perfect - Josh doesn't need to photoshop anything!