Monday, October 4, 2010

Family Pictures

I believed family pictures were SO HARD when we had two children. I had no idea!! My standards have changed dramatically. I am happy with a picture in which everyones head is in the same general direction. Looking is a bonus, and smiles are optional. I prefer no tears, but can sometimes even look past the tears. After two photo shoots and more than 400 pictures, following are my top picks. (While we are taking them Josh always says, "oh, I can photoshop that." Yah, right. He is too busy doing other peoples work so what we took is what we get.)

This group picture is a perfect example of when some photo shop skills would do me some good. Two kids looking in one picture, and the other two looking in the next picture.


The Jensens said...

So cute!! I know what you mean about family pics! We just had ours done on Saturday and I am hoping we can get at least a couple good ones.

Karlenn said...

I'm so grateful my friend who takes our pics knows how to do that stuff. She has moved a couple of heads around from pic to pic. :)