Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A New Phase

This week we officially entered the phase of having a child in school. Yes, my baby Caleb took the big plunge into Kindergarten last Thursday. It was a proud moment for his mom. I have heard that moms often struggle with their kids starting school, but I was so excited. Caleb is such a bold and independent child that I am not a bit worried about him. He will take care of himself.

On Thursday instead of regular class they took half of the class at a time and did a parent/child orientation for an hour. Most of the children were quit and nervous, but not Caleb. He had a comment about everything his teacher said. She has her work cut out for her, but he wants to be good so I am sure with some coaching he will get the hand raising and turn taking thing down.

We live far enough away from the school that Caleb gets to ride the bus. They only bus Kindergarten in the morning this year, so he has morning class. I thought it would kill him (us) because he has always been one to sleep in, but so far so good. He pops out of bed in the morning, gets dressed himself and can hardly stand to eat breakfast because he is so excited to get out to the bus stop. He has only been waking up at 7:45 for three days, and this morning he was up and dressed before Josh woke him. I hope this is the trend for the next 13 years of school.

Cara also has school every day this year. She still has two years before Kindergarten, but she will be going to Joy School on Tuesdays and Thursdays and she has speech class on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. She is going to be one busy three year old. She is so excited. Something she has started doing in the last month or two is making her bed every morning. It has a cute bed spread, but she refuses to get under it because she doesn’t want to mess it up. She does sleep with every other blanket she can find. And then she lays them all out flat on her bed in the mornings, and she also keeps her room really clean. If I can hope Caleb will jump out of bed for school for the next 13 years, here’s hoping that Cara will continue to make her bed and clean her room without being asked.

Andy is 11 months and still not crawling. He is just so content that he hasn’t really found a desire big enough to motivate him to get moving. He does roll from place to place, and he is quite good at the backwards scoot. Unfortunately it doesn’t get him where he wants and he sometimes finds himself in a bad spot. He is the sweetest baby I have ever, ever seen.


Cathie said...

Impressive - I can't believe Cara keeps her room clean and makes her bed - WOWOW! Caleb is so cute. How great that he is excited to go to school.

The Ravsten's said...

I love the post. So much fun. Andy's picture is hilarious. Poor baby! We start pre-school next week. Kedzie can hardly wait! Hope you are well! Love ya.

Karlenn said...

Oh my gosh, could your kids BE any cuter? No. I love how Andy is stuck under the chair. Micah took forever to crawl; so did Sadie. It's nice when they start to, because they're a little happier to be moving around. Can you believe our kids are this old? Dylan starts first grade Monday! I cannot believe it!