Monday, March 2, 2009

Star War’s Party

Caleb turned 5 on Saturday, and he had his very first friend birthday party. The age of the internet has made planning parties so easy. I googled “boys birthday party” and had hundreds of ideas at my fingertips. Caleb wasn’t interested in any theme until we got to the “S’s” and found Star Wars. That was the perfect theme for him, and Josh and I had a blast planning it.

First came the pool noodle light sabers. The awesome thing about these is that you can hit as hard as you want and it doesn’t hurt. They were cheep and easy to make, and they were a fun favor.

The only thing that we put a lot of effort into was the cake. I had planned on making a “Death Star” cake by slapping some gray frosting onto a ball shaped cake and surrounding it with the star fleet stuck into cupcakes. When Josh’s sister April got wind of the idea she stepped in and turned the cake into a masterpiece. I learned so much from working with her on a cake. It turned out really cute and surprisingly delicious. (I am not a cake lover, but it was really good.

Caleb had seven boys from the ward come to the party. They were so cute and we had a great time with them. Following are some of the game ideas that we used. This is defiantly a party theme worth stealing. (We played the Star Wars Sound Track throughout the party, which really added.)

1. Asteroid Hunt: While children arrive decorate a bag with their name and a selection of space stickers. “The basement has been struck by asteroids and we need your help to find them.” Wrap little favors (piece of candy, bouncy ball, and balloon) with tin foil and color code. Each child can have one of each color of asteroid. Set aside in bags as favors.
2. Clone Wars: Skill games for young Padawans and relay races for two teams (The Droids and The Clones) Three Legged Race and Ball and Bucket Toss
3. Jedi Training Course: Obstacle course using ropes, 2X4 boards, etc.
4. Light Saber Training: Using Homemade Light Sabers try to keep balloons in the air. May play in teams, pairs, or as individuals.
5. Thermal Detonator present opening: Pass around the Thermal Detonator (aluminum foil covered ball) while music is playing. When the music stops open the present of whoever was holding the detonator.

I couldn’t resist posting a picture of the invitation. That was Josh’s job, and he is so awesome at details.

I can’t believe that we have a five year old. It was fun to celebrate his birthday in style. His friends gave him awesome gifts, and we got him a “big bike”. His knees almost touch his chest on the bike he has been riding the last couple of years. He is scared of the thought of riding without training wheels so that will take some work, but he was excited about the bike. (I was excited too because we got on Black Friday for only $35.)


Cathie said...

That is the cutest idea EVER! I will probably be steeling and asking questions come April! I am so glad he had a great day!

The Johnson J's!! said...

Wow, that was an awesome party!! I am going to need April to come and use her cake skills in May! Caleb is a great kid, I am glad he had a fun time!

The Jensens said...

What a fun idea. With 4 boys I may have to use that for one of them.


Karlenn said...

I love those ideas. I stole all my ideas for Dylan's five-year-old birthday party from the internet, too. We did a Transformers theme. It still was a lot of work, though! I think I'm only going to do friend parties every other year.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! From Your Primary Teacher