Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cara's Birthday

Cara turned 3 on Sunday. She was so excited for her birthday. In her very primitive English she has been telling me "my birthday is coming up" for weeks. We gave her a "big girl" bed. (We got it on Craigs list for $20) and a barbie with a car. She also scored some great Tinker Bell stuff from my mom. The Kirks gave her a darling dress and a stuffed bear. She couldn't have been more happy even though to me it seemed like quite an uneventful birthday.

Blowing out the candles on her "cake" was a problem. She kept blowing her bangs up. Finally the candles went out one at a time.

In preparation for her new bed I took her out of her night time pull-ups a few weeks ago. She was totally potty trained by 18 months, but sense she was in a crib I didn't want to deal with the night time wets. I figured she would have an accident or two with the change. The one accident she had illustrates perfectly the independent child that she is. She didn't even wake me. She got up, changed her cloths, and put a burp cloth over the wet spot in her bed and went back to sleep. She is an amazing little girl.

Now that she is three she will no longer be going to the Up to 3 speech therapy program. She will miss it, and especially her speech therapist Jen. When she began at about 18 months she was not even speaking at all. She is now attempting 3-4 word phrases. She has been tested by the school district and is still considered to have a severe phonological delay. Thankfully she will began the school district program this week. I am grateful for the early intervention programs, and for the service Up to 3 has provided.


Erica said...

Happy Birthday Cara! And how exciting to be in a big girl bed. Has it really only been 3 years? It seems like a million years ago that we were pregnant with Daws and Cara.

The Ravsten's said...

Yeah for Cara. Her birthday was eventful to her and that's what matters most. Ethan is starting speech therapy in the next few weeks. I'm so excited to have him learn to speak for understandably. He speaks all the time, I just don't get it! My bad. Anyway, hope things are going well. Love ya.

Karlenn said...

Oh, she is so cute. I love how she kept blowing her bangs instead of her candles. What a babe. Sadie's speech is still very slow to improve. I don't like the school district program nearly as much as the Up to Three program, but there are little victories. Like, now she can say ending "k" sounds. That is a good step.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Cara! I like that cupcake holder thing. Very cool!

Cathie said...

She couldn't be more beautiful! Very cute bed spread choice (same as Emi's)! I love her independence!