Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Carrie

I created this list for my profile, and sense I took the time to record these random facts I thought I might as well post them here on my blog.

1. This is the first time I have ever participated in an online “tag.” I have been tagged on my blog and other places before, but I have never taken the time to participate. The reason why I am participating this time is because I have enjoyed getting to know people better by reading their lists.

2. I was almost 25 when I got married. I had many serious boyfriends before Josh. I wouldn’t admit that Josh might be “the one” because my family had accused me of calling wolf too many times.

3. Josh and I are both the oldest of five with three sisters and one brother. We both have black-framed glasses, and when we met we both drove maroon Hondas.

4. I served a mission in the Baltic’s. I served in three countries, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. I spoke Russian, which is not the national language for any of the countries in which I served.

5. I have a master’s degree in Education, but I do a trade from home. I am a loan officer, originating mortgages when the opportunity arises.

6. I love working, and the transition into motherhood was extremely difficult for me.

7. It has taken me almost five years to figure out how to love being home with my kids. Now I am quite content being with them. They bring me so much joy.

8. I have spent many summers working at BYU youth conferences. I was a counselor for Academy for Girls for 3 years and for EFY for 2 years. I have been a speaker for EFY for the past 3 years although I think I am getting too many kids to continue.

9. I feel like I have two spiritual gifts. One is bearing my testimony. I love to testify and teach of Christ and His gospel, and the other is one I would like to trade if anyone is up for trading spiritual gifts. I am fantastic at “morning with those who mourn”. I feel people’s pain and easily cry with them when they suffer.

10. I love to travel. I have gone on some awesome trips in my married life. My favorites include beaches and nice warm weather. About three years ago we went to Polynesia (Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, and of course Hawaii), and this past summer we sailed on a private catamaran in the Virgin Islands with some friends.

11. I love amusement parks, especially Disney. Josh and I have been to Disney Land or Disney World every year sense we got married (without our kids.) We now feel guilty leaving our kids at home, but feel like they are still too young to go so we are taking a brake until they are a little older.

12. I am probably the world’s worst speller. I am so grateful for spell check, but even that can’t always help me.

13. I love being a mom, and I would have a dozen kids if I didn’t hate being pregnant so badly. (And if I wasn’t getting old.) I am almost passionate about how badly I hate it. I am sick and throwing up the entire time, luckily I have my babies early. The only thing I can think of that would be worse than being pregnant is not being able to be pregnant!

14. For about the last four years I have been very, very slowly working on a book about transitioning into motherhood. I wish that I could uncover the balance between our expectations and reality for new moms and give them the keys to being a happy mommy.

15. I am teaching Caleb (my oldest, who is almost five) how to play the piano and how to read. I figure with my genetics he is going to need the best head start he can get.

16. I went to college on an oboe scholarship and have a music teaching minor. Consequently Josh volunteered me to teach some of the neighbor kids beginner piano. I am starting that tomorrow. I think I will actually really enjoy it even though I am not a pianist.

17. I am 5’ 10”, the height of the average American man, also the height of Cindy Crawford.

18. I had one summer of stardom when I was in the Days of 47 Royalty. As a royalty we spoke at 3-4 sacrament meetings every Sunday in the summer. We were treated as celebrities at all of the Days of 47 events including the rodeo, and we even got to have dinner with the prophet and the governor.

19. I have been married for over six years and we have never had a TV, by choice. We like TV, but we are afraid that if we had one we would watch it too much so we resist the temptation by not having one at all.

20. I love to teach. I have had the calling of Gospel Doctrine teacher in my last three wards. I had done it for over four years and just got released last month. I think teaching Gospel Doctrine is the best calling in the church.

21. I am not a procrastinator. As soon as I get a project I get it done as quickly as possible. The only way Josh gets things done is last minute and that drives me insane.

22. I love to be efficient. Sometimes I wonder if I am too efficient. My house is usually clean, and my kids are well cared for, and I get extremely bored. I feel like I have everything done much of the time. I am not bragging. I feel like this is a weakness. Who gets bored? Maybe that is why I should get a TV.

23. I am not easily offended so I often get in trouble for being too honest with others. I am only honest because I care.

24. I almost never read novels. (I avoid them because I am a bad mommy when I am into a good book.) I do read self help books. I have read a bookshelf full of books on money and investing, and I am currently into reading books about parenting. The great thing about self-help books is that you can set them down.

25. Apparently I am long winded and feel like I need to explain every random thing about myself. I do love company and try to trap anyone who comes into my home and coax them into visiting for a while.


Diane said...

I didn't know you play the oboe! I remember when you and Josh met - it was weird to see how alike you two were. It was like looking at the male and female version of the same person. Maybe opposites aren't the only ones who attract, huh?

Karlenn said...

I had no idea that you went to college on an oboe scholarship!! Whenever I mention you to Ben in conversation, he goes, "Now, who is she again?" And I say, "The girl who has the same glasses as her husband." And then he remembers. :) Ben has names like that for all my friends. You are "The girl who has the same glasses as her husband." Cecily is "The boob grabber." Ben says she grabs her own boobs a lot. He's so weird.

misty said...

What a lovely description of your lovely self. I'm so glad I know you and have known you longer than most of your readers - yes, I'm bragging.

Sara said...

i just learned so many fascinating things about you...that was great! and you are great!:)