Saturday, May 7, 2016


Yep, Josh may look 29 ; ) but he hit the big four zero this week.  I love milestone birthday's, but I always make my expectations 100% clear.  I know what I want and I make it happen.  Josh on the other hand is content with "whatever", which really stresses me out!  We had a party with his family the Sunday before his birthday.  His sister Christina and her family don't come to town very often, maybe once or twice a year, but they surprised Josh by coming for his birthday!

On his actual birthday I had him convinced that we'd have to wait until the following weekend to do something with our friends.  Everyone is so busy with spring sports and after school activities.  He was totally fine with that.  He went to lunch with some of his friends and had a normal work day. 

 Meanwhile I was at home making, and then re making him a beautiful birthday cake.  After frosting it I left Johnny and his friend in the room while I took a shower.  They couldn't resist the temptation to not only have a little taste, but to destroy the whole thing!!

That evening we went to Andy's soccer game and then out to dinner with Josh's parents and my sister Connie and her family.  My sweet friends decorated our house and entertained guests as everyone arrived for his big surprise party!  It was an AWESOME SURPRISE!!  I was thrilled with the number of friends who took time to come and celebrate with us! It is unfortunate I don't have more pictures, but we have this beautiful video our friend Dave made.  What a fun memory!!

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