Friday, November 20, 2015

Halloween - We Didn't Entirely Miss It

It is no secret that Halloween isn't my favorite holiday.  What's not to love about kids on a sugar high, sticky finger, and candy wrappers?  I know, I'm a scrooge.  I was happy to miss Halloween this year.  We didn't miss it entirely though.  The Saturday before we left our friends had an adult Halloween Costume Party.  Generally Josh and I don't dress up, but she hooked us up with our Greek God costumes which actually worked well for the cruise too.

I like this picture of Josh and Dave playing a marshmallow game.  Josh was celebrating his win and Dave was questioning how he did it. 

The kids had one opportunity to dress up for the ward party before we left. 
They also dressed up for school the day before Halloween, and then Halloween was on a Saturday this year so they got to celebrate all day long!
Andy and Caleb had a special halloween because they got to stay with their friends for the night.  Andy stayed with the Millers.  

Caleb stayed with his friend Carter.  I told Caleb he was too old to get his costume from a bag this year so he settled on being a "movie theater floor".  This was his last year trick-or-treating and he made the most of it!!  I think he may have gotten a 10 year supply but somehow he downed all of it!

Johnny and the girls went to my mom's for Halloween.  My mom was not well, but Connie and Cody and their families were there so they were very well entertained. 

The kids had a great Halloween, and SO DID I!

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